Timing Hardware for Particle Image Velocimetry

for precise synchronization of lasers, cameras and other hardware components

PIVseq2020 - Programmable Sequencer

  • microprocessor-controlled pulse generator
  • for control of pulsed lasers with TTL interface (eg. double cavity Nd:YAG laser)
  • 50ns resolution (10ns optional)
  • 8 or 16 programmable output channels
  • internal, manual or external trigger
  • clock and arming inputs
  • programmable via USB or RS232
  • Euro-module plug-in
  • PIV-optimized control software for Windows (main menu and editor menu)
Application example
(presented at the PIV'01 conference)
Click on image to enlarge

Sequencer PCI-Bus Card

PIVseqPCI - Programmable Sequencer

  • PCI-Bus version of the Euro-Module plugin shown above
  • 16 TTL output channels
  • 4 trigger sources
  • on-board timer
  • PIV-optimized control software (for Windows - screenshot )
  • Legacy product: support only up to Windows7-32bit

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